Activities 2014

7-9 February
During the Wilhelmina Winter Weekend
the Churchtown general store will be open between
Friday to Sunday
8 February
Concert with the troubadour Anders Hedén
in the old Courthouse at 12:30
4 March
Story telling at the local library at 18.00
1 June - 31 August
The Museum is open for the season
This summer you can see the exhibition
about Lapp-Lisa.
9 June - 16 August
The general store in the churchtown
is open for the season
14 June - 10 August
Guided tour through the history of Vilhelmina
Every day starting 13:00 from the municipal building (kommunhuset) entrance
The attendance fee is 50 kr for adults and children 13 years and up. Children 12 years and below attend for free. Entrance to the museum (Hembygdsmuseet) is included in the attendance fee.
7 July
Join us in haymaking at the museum
at 13.00-16.00
8 July
Pasture Music from the Church hill at 11.00-11.30
Listen to birch bark horn and how they called on the cattle in the old days
9 July
Lapp-Lisa concert
with Gun Rhenman och Bo Beverlöv
in the old Courthouse at 14.00
11 juli
with Joel and Laila Eliasson
in the old Courthouse at 14.00
Open during the summer
Sockenstugan - the museum
Every day
June 1 - August 31
Between sept.1 to may 31 you can book a guided tour on
Tel: +46 (0)940-144 97